Aggregate into "best fit" buckets?

I'm looking for a way to put my data into one of a set of buckets depending on to which of a list of labels is closest to some field in each document. By way of example, say I have a geo-location point in each document and I have a list of the lat/lon points for a set of cities and then I'd like to put my documents into buckets depending on which city is closest.

In my current case the labels on the buckets are geo-locations but I have some other cases where I'd like to group the documents based on which of a set of text values lies closest.

Is there currently any mechanism in Elasticsearch to compute a set of scores for each document against a set of target values and then place the documents into buckets based on which target value gives the highest (or lowest) score? It seems like it would be a generically useful feature for a whole host of purposes; it even lets you compute a round of K-means clustering in a single aggregation query without the data leaving the servers.

Any suggestions for how to do this would be much appreciated.

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