Aggregate some data is not shown

I have some data:
"geo": {"city": "", "area": "", "country": "Taiwan", "longitude": 121.0, "latitude": 23.5, "iso_code": "TW"},
"geo": {"city": "", "area": "", "country": "Taiwan", "longitude": 121.0, "latitude": 23.5, "iso_code": "TW"},
"geo": {"city": "Taipei", "area": "", "country": "Taiwan", "longitude": 121.0, "latitude": 23.5, "iso_code": "TW"},
"geo": {"city": "Wan-hua", "area": "", "country": "Taiwan", "longitude": 121.0, "latitude": 23.5, "iso_code": "TW"},
"geo": {"city": "Chang-hua", "area": "", "country": "Taiwan", "longitude": 121.0, "latitude": 23.5, "iso_code": "TW"},

i Aggregate:

The results are not shown :Chang-hua!
How can we show all?

can you please provide a full reproduction. This contains the Elasticsearch version used, the JVM version used, sample documents to index, your mapping, and also a valid sample query. Your aggregation is not valid, it is missing the type. This also means you should provide either curl calls or console compatible statements for an easy reproduction.

Please invest some more time, to make it easier for other to follow your issue and help to solve it!

Thank you!

Sorry, it's my fault

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