Aggregate sum of first child

I have a parent-child relation where I want to do an aggregation on the parent, that sums up an integer property on the child items. The issue is that I have multiple children for each parent, and I am only interested in the first one for this particular sum.

Can this be done in pure ES aggregation fashion?

Using orders and orderlines as an example:

    - OrderLine1
         - price: 100
    - OrderLine2
         - price: 120

    - OrderLine1
         - price: 523
    - OrderLine2
         - price: 220
    - OrderLine3
         - price: 300

I would like to get the sum of price for all orders, but only taking the first child for each parent, so I would expect to get a sum of 100+523. It seems that the top_hits aggregation is not useful in this regard, but I could just be using it wrong. I do have other properties to sort on, if "first" needs to be relative to something.

Thank you in advance!

you can only number orderline by a dedicated field and then filter children for the aggregation.

Okay, that was also the solution that I had in mind, but it requires me to re-index and change a whole lot of systems writing the data, so I wanted to see if I could come up with another solution before going down that path.

Thank you for taking the time to answer.

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