Aggregates, facets, filters, buckets

I can't seem to wrap my head around all the concepts mentioned so I'll
start by explaining my setup and goal.

  • Elasticsearch 1.4.x
  • 4 indices. Fairy small (couple of thousand documents in each). Lets
    call them "Books", "Users", "Novels", "Poems"
  • NEST client library 1.2.3

Goal is pretty simple: search across those 4 indices in one request and
somehow group results documents by type.
What a end user would like to see is (paginated) list of all documents, and
user should be able to "filter" (consider this a generic concept,
not necessarily a ES filter).
Even more specific... Imagine a search result web page with 5 filters
"All", "Books", "Users", "Novels", "Poems".

I've been fiddling around a lot with aggregates/facets and I can't seem to
get the result I want.

Closest thing was adding aggregate by type to my
query .Aggregations(ag=>ag.Terms("types",t=>t.Field("_type")))

In the response I get aggregate "types", and for each item in types it says
how many documents are there (great!)... "only" thing is, at this point I
don't know how to /get/ those documents by facet key.

It's probably not the way I should go about this problem, so please do
point me to the right direction... Give me a mock query, suggestion,


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