Aggregating on highlight

Hi ,
I have a query that returns a highlight fields , i wanna aggregate the fields returned by the query ( see code )

            "query" : {
                "query_string" : {
                    "query" : "*so*",
                    "fields": ["MemberFname", "TopicLabel"] 
            "highlight": {           
             	 "pre_tags" : ["", ""],
            "post_tags" : ["", ""],
                "fields" : {
                    "MemberFname" : {},          
                     "TopicLabel": {}


i want to aggregate the fields "MemberFname" and "TopicLabel" to return unique values of these fields
any idea how to do it ?

Aggregations work on the raw values of documents (or values mutated by a script) and not the outputs of a highlighter.
If these fields are single-value fields then a straight-forward terms aggregation on the field value would work otherwise you'd need to use a terms agg with script to filter the multiple values in matching docs to just those values that contain so as in your query.

Thanks for your answer , but my problem is that when a "MemberFname" is matched with the query , the query returns the both fields (MemberFname and TopicLabel ) in terms aggregation , and i want to return only the field that matched the query.


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