Aggregating sequence of connected events

Lets say I have events like this in my log

{type:"approval_revokation", approval_id=22}
{type:"approval", request_id=12, approval_id=22}
{type:"control3", request_id=12}
{type:"control2", request_id=12}
{type:"control1", request_id=12}
{type:"request", request_id=12 requesting_user="user1"}
{type:"registration", userid="user1"}

I would like to do a search that aggregates one bucket for each approval containing all events connected to it as above. As you see there is not a single id field that can be used throughout the events, but they are all connected in a chain.

The reason I would like this is to feed this into a anomaly detector to verify things like that all controls where executed and validate registration event for a eventual approval.

Can this be done using aggregation or are there any other suggestion?

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