Aggregating subscores for each field and displaying subscores

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I have K numerical fields

  1. Currently for each field I have a script score computing a normalized
    score [0,1] representing linear decay inside a range. like :

script_score: " clamped_value = max(min(doc['field_i'].value),max_value,
min_value); return (clamped_value - min)/(max-min)"

I would like to aggregate all these scores with different weights to get a
global normalized score like:

either a weighted mean / linear combinaison e.g. global_score = sum
(score_field_i * weight_field_i) / sum(weight_field_i)
or a harmonic mean

How to do that? Do I have to implement a specific scorer , if yes, is there
any code example

  1. I would like to keep these subscores to display then in the results for
    each doc or even play with facets..

How to do that?


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