Aggregation and Mapping Types


Im storing Device Status data into Elastic to generate reports out of it. Following are list of fields and sample data

DeviceId DeviceType Status Updated_At

10001 		50001 		ON 		2017-12-12 17:04:26
10002 		50002 		ON 		2017-12-12 17:04:34
10001 		50001 		OFF 	2017-12-12 17:08:21
10002 		50002 		ON 		2017-12-12 17:09:27
10001 		50001 		ON 		2017-12-12 17:09:29
10002 		50002 		OFF 	2017-12-12 17:09:43
10001 		50001 		OFF 	2017-12-12 17:09:55
10002 		50002 		ON 		2017-12-12 17:09:58

I want to calculate utilization of each device (Group by DeviceId). The way I want to calcualte utilization is calculate number of minutes between ON and OFF of a device. At times I will have consicutive ONs or OFFs as well. Irrespective of that., I want to take ON and next OFF (there coule be multiple ONs before next OFF) then find time difference between them to know how long an utility turned ON. I need to apply Group By on DeviceType to find utilization of group of Devices.


  • From Mapping perspective., I kept DeviceId and DeviceType as Long, Status as String - Any other better options? Like Keyword as I'll do exact search
  • Possible to write a query in ES to achieve what I had mentioned above or I should write the logic in my application?

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