Aggregation count problem

I want to display an indicator on kibana, but I can not do it. I explain the situation.
I want to display "the total number of products whose thresholds exceeded the maximum of consumers' cuttof".
we have a product that contains the following elements (idProduct, idConsumer, sillDate, cutoff, libProduct). the relationship between products and consumers is of type (n, n).

the formula to use is: product.stillDate-Max (product.cutoff)> 0

example of given:

product: A1- consumer: C1

"IdProduct": "A1",
"IdConsumer", "C1",
"SillDate": "2017-10-23T10: 00: 00Z"
"Cutoff": "2017-10-21T00: 00: 00Z"
"LibProduct", "test"

product: A1- consumer: C2

"IdProduct": "A1",
"IdConsumer": "C2"
"SillDate": "2017-10-23T10: 00: 00Z"
"Cutoff": "2017-10-22T08: 00: 00Z"
"LibProduct": "test1"

product: A1- consumer: C3

"IdProduct": "A1",
"IdConsumer": "C3"
"SillDate": "2017-10-23T10: 00: 00Z"
"Cutoff": "2017-10-23T08: 00: 00Z"
"LibProduct": "test2"

a product A1 is associated with 3 consumers with 3 cutoffs. the maximum cutoff for product A1 is:
2017-10-23T08: 00: 00Z. So the number is: sum ((2017-10-23T10: 00: 00Z -2017-10-23T08: 00: 00Z)> 0)

The question how can I do this on kibana?
Thank you for your help and I apologize for my level in English

Any help ?

As long as your dates are indexed as dates this should be possible. Kibana uses Lucine Query Syntax


A search of IdProduct: $PRODUCT_ID AND Cutoff:>$DATE should give you the results you want. Use that query for a chart and bucket by IdConsumer. If I understood you correctly :slight_smile:


$PRODUCT_ID AND $DATE are the variable ?

For each product i want to get the max cutoff and do product.stillDate-Max (product.cutoff)

Thanks :slight_smile:

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