Aggregation in ES like MongoDB

Hi all,

I have many documents like
{'user': 1, 'type': 1},
{'user': 2, 'type': 1},
{'user': 2, 'type': 2},
{'user': 3, 'type': 1},
{'user': 4, 'type': 1} ...

Then, I have this aggregation in MongoDB aggregation pipeline:

{$group: {_id: "$user", events:{$addToSet: '$type'}}},
{$group: {_id: "$events", counter: {$sum: 1}}},

So, after first phase (aggregate by user), i have:
user1-> 1
user2 -> 1,2
user3 -> 1
user4 -> 1

And after second (aggregate by 'events' set and count):
1 -> 3
1,2 -> 1
(this is the desired result)

Can I do something similar to this in ElasticSearch aggregation?


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