Aggregation inside Visualization

Hello there,

I try to aggregate data with Kibana visualization but I've got some troubles.

First, some information :
My source file look like that :
ID | name | char | number1 | number2 | number3 | number4 | time

I've parsed that log to extract the information in dedicated field.
Then, I try to sum the "number column" and to group them by ID

I used the DevTools to try, here my Query in SQL (yes I didnt master the DSL yet...) :
POST _sql?format=txt
"query":"SELECT id, (nbDigit + nbSpec + nbUpper + nbLower) as length FROM "test-report-audit*" WHERE note!='A' AND note!='D'"

The output look like :
id | length
559980310 |6
404312591 |9
941595003 |10
157634821 |9
977421435 |10

Now, I tried to use this result inside Kibana Verticale Bar to count the number of occurence of each number from the field "length". But I'm stuck.

On this forum, I found (in an another thread) that is not possible to use DSL Query inside vizu.
So I guess I have to left my SQL Query to figure it out with split slices/chart only ?

But, I don't know how to "convert" this result in a Kibana Visualization and moreover I don't know if Kibana can do this kind of operation ?

Thanks for your help,

Your options here are:

  • Create a scripted field in your index pattern which can be used generally in Kibana, especially in Visualize. I think this is your best option.

  • Use the SQL statement you described while building a Canvas dashboard and visualization
  • Use the Vega visualization, which supports querying elasticsearch directly via DSL or SQL

Hi Wylie, thanks for your help !

I've tried the 2nd solution, with Canvas, and it work perfectly :ok_hand: !

Now, I'm trying to understand how Painless work.
But I've got a little problem.
Because is only about Painless langage, do I need to open another thread on Elasticsearch forum ?


Yes, I think you will get the best help there. I'm definitely not as familiar with that language!

Thanks for all the solution Wylie, I'm going to close this topic.


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