Aggregation not working in visualization

Hi Team,
Greetings..! Hope you are doing good.
In dev tools tab, when I execute the terms aggs query for a certain field I can retrieve the result based on the values in that field, but when I do the same terms aggregation in visualization tab, I can get results under missing key only. Consider when I execute the query in dev tools, I can get 50 documents under Google, 50 under Yahoo.
But when I do the same in visualization tab, I can get all 100 documents under missing field only.
Kindly help me on the above query. Many thanks in advance.

I moved the question to #elastic-stack:kibana. May be share a screen capture of what you are saying?

Can you show a screenshot of your chart configuration and copy/paste the mapping of your index here?

Hi team,
I have added the screenshots for your reference. Please let me know if you have any queries. Also I have parent child mapping and this is parent field with keyword mapping.
Thanks in advance.

Hey, some questions:

  • Do you have "other bucket" enabled for your terms aggregation?
  • Are there opcodes containing a dash in your data set?
  • Are there any filters set on the visualization?
  • Could you please click the "Inspect" button in the top navigation bar of the visualization, switch to requests and copy/paste the requests being sent to Elasticsearch?

Hi team,
thanks a ton for your support.
I have resolved the issue.
I chose the wrong time filter field. thats why i didn't get results.
Once again thanks for your effort.


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