Aggregation over top N hits

I want to do a terms aggregation followed by some numeric metric aggregations over top N hits. Lets say we have the following docs:

{"rank": 1, "price": 10, "name": "A"},
{"rank": 2, "price": 20, "name": "B"},
{"rank": 2, "price": 15, "name": "C"},
{"rank": 3, "price": 30, "name": "D"}

Lets say N = 2.
What I want is to take the top 2 (Here N=2) docs (when ordered by the field "rank" in ascending order) from this set and do a terms aggregation of the field "name" on those 2 docs only. This will be followed by chid aggregations: avg, sum of the field "price". I cant find any solution for this problem anywhere.

I was able to sort the docs and get top N hits using top_hits aggregation. But I was not able to do any further aggregations on those hits.

Also, I am not much familiar with painless scripts, so I dont know whether that could solve this or not. Any guide or help on this will be appreciated.

The sampler aggregation may be of use.

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