Aggregation query works with search, but not with msearch

I am trying to troubleshoot the following observation:

Following code works as expected: search_type: 'count', index:
target_indices, body: query


{"took"=>2, "timed_out"=>false, "_shards"=>{"total"=>2, "successful"=>2,
"failed"=>0}, "hits"=>{"total"=>6, "max_score"=>0.0, "hits"=>[]},
"searches"=>{"buckets"=>[{"key"=>"user-1", "doc_count"=>3}]}}}}

However, when using the above in an msearch, the response is not useful:

Elasticsearch::Model.client.msearch body: [{ search_type: 'count', index:
target_indices, search: query }]


{"responses"=>[{"took"=>0, "timed_out"=>false, "_shards"=>{"total"=>2,
"successful"=>2, "failed"=>0}, "hits"=>{"total"=>6, "max_score"=>0.0,

What am I missing?

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