Aggregation: trouble bucketing over a text field value


I'm trying to bucket docs stored in Elasticsearch 1.4 based on nested
document field values.
To use an illustrative example, I've an index with documents representing
companies and their agents like this:

"companyName": "Acme ltd.",
"country": "us",
"agents": [ { "name": "McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak" } ]

I'd like to count the number of companies that each agent represents and
order agents by this count.
In SQL I would do something like this:

SELECT COUNT(*) cnt FROM agents WHERE country = 'us' AND GROUP BY name

The following ES aggregation query comes close to solving this:

"query": {
"term": { "country": "us" }
"aggs": {
"agents": {
"nested": {
"path": "agents"
"aggs": {
"agent_stats": {
"terms": {
"field": "",
"size": 99999

However, there's a problem that in the above case e.g. separate buckets get
created for McKenzie and Brackman etc. instead of just one bucket. This is
probably caused by field being currently mapped as analyzed.

One solution I've thought of is to copy field and index it also
as not_analyzed.

Is there another way to get this aggregation query to work without index
mapping changes?
I'd prefer to not use ES-side scripting for security reasons.


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