Aggregations Migration ES7 to ES8.11.1

Hello dear community,

I am currently migrating our ES7 to ES8 and am now encountering the problem that I cannot find a solution as to how I can migrate SearchHits or the .get(String) method.

public static Set<Integer> getAggregations(SearchHits<ElasticSearchArticleDto> search, String aggregation) {
    Set<Integer> result = new LinkedHashSet<>();
    if (search.getAggregations() != null && (search.getAggregations()).get(aggregation) != null) {
        ((ParsedLongTerms) (search.getAggregations()).get(aggregation)).getBuckets().forEach(bucket -> result.add(bucket.getKeyAsNumber().intValue()));

    return result;

I am now using with the migration to ES8

Would be very grateful for any help on how I can change this method so that it works with ES8.

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