AIOPs, correlating two indexes and ML

Hey there, Im about to get info from APM, log files and Host metrics. I would like to know fristly if I will able to correlate RCA and get full application traceblity even if the data is in diferent indices.
Also if there is some way to map a bussines service into the stack in order to check its health

I hope to be clear but if its not let me know

Can you please give more detail about what you mean by "correlate"? Because, for example, it is very much possible to view the "correlations" of anomalies across multiple ML jobs (that may be analyzing different data types - APM, logs, metrics, etc.) using the capabilities of the Anomaly Explorer. Also, it is possible to build alerts in Watcher that look for combinations of notable events/anomalies across different data sets as well.