Alert on the count of running pods per node

We have the following Prometheus alert:

count (
            and on (pod, namespace, monitor) (
              kube_pod_status_phase{job="kube-state-metrics", phase="Running"} > 0
          ) by (node, monitor) > 240

That will alert when the number of running pods on a node is above 240.

Is it possible to achieve the same in Kibana?

I tried with

but the problem is that the number of documents highly depends on the scrape interval and the aggregation interval and I can't reliably count the last scrape, while in Prometheus you can take the latest vector and count by it.

I tried to use the and hoping these metrics can provide the information, but they both show the same value of 250 which is the specified capacity on the node and I couldn't find the number of currently running pods.

Do you have a way in Elastic Alerts that can allow us to implement alarms similar to the Prometheus one in the beginning?