I have the logstash config file in which i have written the mail alert for particular text present then automatically send an email with the message but i keep on receiving lots of mail continuously.

I need to have an alert generated every 30min ,please help me to solve the issue
if[type] == "mq"
elasticsearch {
# Index name is used to store the elasticsearch value and it will display the elasticsearch value in kibana using the index name
index => "logstash-dd.mq_log"
hosts => [""]
document_id => "%{fingerprint}"

if[q_manager] == "ESBPRT1"
if[error_code] == "AMQ9616"
				  to => ""
				  from => ""
				  subject => "MQ Alert - AMQ9616"
				  body => "Hello Team,\n\n Error code AMQ9616 occured @ %{event_timestamp} .Please check and take necessary action. \n \n Link to ELM DashBoard : \n\n\n * This is an automated e-mail and any responses to this e-mail will not be monitored \n Thank You!"
				  port => 25	


I answered this question when you posted it yesterday. Which part of the answer did you have a question about?

can you help me where to write the code to trigger the mail for every 30 minutes

I do not run elasticsearch so I cannot help further.

Do you have x-pack watchers available to you?

You can create a watcher that will be able to send you an email every time the error_code = "AMQ9616"

I will be able to help you if you explain a bit more about what your setup is

I don't have x-pack watchers available currently we are using 5.6.2 version

Install x-pack

Once you have installed x-pack we can write a watcher for you that will fix your issue.

X-pack watchers are a useful feature that is definitely worth taking a look at even if you don't want to do it this way

Thank You Jasonespo.

I will let you know once i installed x-pack

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