Alert when an event is not followed by another


I am looking for a solution to create an alert when the following happens:

An event with the field winlog.event_id: "4202" occurs. 5 minutes later, no event with the field winlog.event_id: "4204" was detected.
==> Alert

Do you think this is possible?
Thank you.


I think this is possible if you use EQL.

Check the documentation for EQL searchs.

I have tried several times with the EQL language, but I can't get what I want :frowning:

@bricevalenza I had a similar question some time ago which was never answered, see Custom EQL Query where one event happened and another didnt

No one has any ideas?

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Hi, unfortunately there is no easy way to do this today. We're working on being able to provide this functionality though, hopefully in the short term.


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Thank you for your answer. I got around the problem by using an external monitoring tool (nagios plug-in).

Via a request on the API, I get the last events with my two events as filter (the OK and the NOK). If the last event is the 4202 I put the check in "critical", if it is the 4204 I put it in "OK".
on the supervision tool I can refine the check delays, and the triggering of the critical state.


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