Alerts and actions issue

Hi Team,

We are trying to integrate ELK to IPP application and trying to fetch the alert to IPP so i have created alert and connector using webhook.

we have added the metric condition to fetch alerts eventhough alert is not going to IPP getting the below issue. can u please help us to resolve issue

The message is clipped, no image attached. Please provide us with more information to help you further. ( logs, screenshots, alerts( obfuscate the sensitive info) , steps etc.


HI Rashmi,
please find error screenshots and provide any solution to resolve it.

MicrosoftTeams-image (4)


@gmmorris need ur assistance here.


Hi @divakar_maradana ,

Sorry you've encountered this issue.
To help figure out the root cause, could you clarify a couple of things please?

  1. What version of Kibana are you running?
  2. Have you tried verifying that the webhook is configured correctly by using the "Test Connector" tab in the Connectors list? This should help identify if the issue is at the level of the connector, or whether it's something in the alert.

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