Alias field not working

(Julian) #1

Hello everyone, i'm having an issue:

When i create an alias field linking to an existing field, it creates succesfully but has no value. I create the field in the following manner:

  "deviceID": {
    "type": "alias",
    "path": ""

I noticed one thing, my document values are all stored in the _source field (that's how they are indexed from logstash) except a date field i create using the logstash date filter. That last value goes to the "fields" section of the documents and when i create an alias of that field it works perfectly.

So, is the fact that the fields are in the _source section the problem? In that case. why can't i create an alias of a _source field?

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

What does your mapping for the index look like?