Aliases and percolators

Consider an index idx, with a mapping for a single type docs. Consider
aliases of the format idx-{ACCOUNT-ID}, with a term filter and a routing
value set to the account id, like so:

$ curl
  "idx" : {
    "aliases" : {
      "idx-1" : {
        "filter" : {
          "term" : {
            "account_id" : 1
        "index_routing" : 1,
        "search_routing" : 1


  1. When indexing a percolator query, if you do that via an alias, will it
    respect the routing?
# will the alias routing from idx-1 apply to this operation?
curl -XPUT -d '{query:..., 
  1. When percolating an existing document from one of those aliases, will
    the routing and term filter from the alias be used when retrieving/checking
    the matching percolator documents?
# will the alias routing and term filter from idx-1 apply to the 

Any insight much appreciated.

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