Aliases by bulk requests

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I am trying to index some products via bulk requests. I am using
elastic-search version 1.2.0 and am using python client from here at the latest
So, I am using helpers.bulk(es, actions) for bulk requests. On indexing
individually by es.index(index, doc_type, body) if i use an alias name in
place of index, the alias (which was already created) is applied to that
product (ie I can search by localhost:9200/alias/_search).
My problem is - on bulk indexing, if I define each action as {"_index":
alias, "_type": "type", "_id": "random", "_source": body}, then the product
is not listed in 'localhost:9200/alias/_search' but is rather empty. I am
sure the alias is defined and points to the proper index.

PS - After bulk indexing I can search by 'localhost:9200/index/_search'
even if I defined _index = alias in action.
My Question - How to add documents to a previously defined alias via bulk
indexing (actions in the actions list may point to different alias)?

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