All Packetbeat dashboards version 7.15.0 don't work: Invalid JSON in search source

I can't get the dashboards for packetbeat to work. The list with packetbeat dashboards are visible in Kibana, but after clicking any of them I get the error: Invalid JSON in search source.

I've setup packetbeat version 7.15.0 with the command packetbeat setup --dashboards

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looks like a bug in the packetbeat DEB 7.15.0. Files in directory /usr/share/packetbeat/kibana/7/dashboard/ contain too much backslashes.

Can someone fix this?

I just installed Packetbeat today and ran into the same error

Turns out you have to have data in the indices... My bad.

did you install from a Debian package? And version 7.15.0?

I did - downloaded from here:

I have data flowing into the indices now, still throwing the json error.

Same problem here.. :frowning:

I have also hit this issue. I've got some custom dashboards that use packetbeat, configured from a previous version that work, but the out of the box dashboards fail as stated.

Hi all, thanks for reporting this issue with our Packetbeat dashboards and apologies for the inconvenience it's causing. After some investigation, it's an issue on our side and we're currently working on an urgent fix. Will report back once I have a timeline as to when the fix will be available.

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PR is available with a fix: Remove unncessary Python script for unpacking dashboards by kvch · Pull Request #28395 · elastic/beats · GitHub

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Same error message in the winlogbeat dashboards in the 7.15.0 package as in the packetbeat for debian. Could you provide a fix for that, too, please?

My PR fixes the problem for all Beats, including Winlogbeat.

Problem still exists in 7.15.1.

Invalid JSON in search source after loading packetbeat dashboards into Kibana.

Yes, it exists. The fix is going to be released in 7.15.2.

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For all wondering, I noticed the JSON format in the .json files in the kibana setup directory are all incorrectly formatted, you can easily manually change the formatting within Kibana itself (under 'Stack Management' > 'Saved Objects' > '{SELECTED DASHBOARD}') or within the files themselves if you urgently need to use the dashboards.

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