All shards unassigned after migrating to 5.x (5.1.2)


I've migrated from elasticsearh 2.3.4 to 5.1.2, and tried hard to get my cluster discovered

I have a cluster of three data nodes, and one client node in front of them making requests.

But since the update, I have all my shards UNASSIGNED (412 shards)/

I tried to reallocate them following the new guideline, but it's not working , I don't have any shard initialized.

The command I run from the client node is :

for shard in $(curl -XGET | grep logstash-2016.12.09 | grep UNASSIGNED | awk '{print $2}'); do
    curl -XPOST '' -d '{
        "commands" : [ {
              "allocate_stale_primary" : {
                  "index" : "logstash-2016.12.09", 
                  "shard" : '"$shard"', 
                  "node" : "es-cluster.i-0db3ba0f4287fb527", 
                  "accept_data_loss" : truePreformatted text
    sleep 3

And this is the kind of message I'm having in the screeenshot

<img src="//" width="446" height="500">

Can you hep make my cluster up and running?

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