Allocation of cpu cores for logstash instances in a 64 vCPU cores server

Would like to know the proper worker thread configuration for a logstash server having 64 vCPU cores and 256GB ram. There are 21 logstash instances running with different configuration files. In the documentation I see that "Number of the host’s CPU cores" is the default value for pipeline.workers field. Would like to know in a situation where multiple logstash instances are running how the vCPU cores will get allocated and also how they are managed.

Looking for a optimal configuration for logstash to make sure the vCPU cores are used optimally without creating the issue like high CPU usage alerts.

Is it possible to set the number of worker threads for each processes individually similar to the heap memory settings in the jvm.options file?

Let me know if I have to provide any further information for this query.

Can you please share you views on the requested query?

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