Alternative to auto closing an unanswered topic

Also be patient when waiting for an answer to your questions.

I believe closing a topic after 28 days when there is no answer is not a productive action. Sure, someone can create a new topic, link to the closed one, and continue the discussion. But by observation, I don't think that happens very often. I've been away from ELK for three years after my last client chose to go with OpenSearch. I'm back and running into issue after issue that is closed with no replies and no follow-up related topic.

I have not given much thought to a solution. Maybe link them to a category of unanswered issues so that they are more visible, recruit a few folks to maintain the category, and reward others for supplying answers to "real" issues that people still face in the current version.

OpenSearch/OpenDistro are AWS run products and differ from the original Elasticsearch and Kibana products that Elastic builds and maintains. You may need to contact them directly for further assistance. See What is OpenSearch and the OpenSearch Dashboard? | Elastic for more details.

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I think this policy has recently been changed.


Yeah. I think it should be good now.