Alternative to highlight

I was wondering if there is any alternative to highlight,
Right now when i am using highlight the query is taking around 50ms to execute,
while if i omit highlight it is only taking 4ms to execute the search. This is becoming very expensive,
So, is there any alternative to it?
Is there any way through which we can only send the fields which it matched?

There are three highlighter built into Elasticsearch described in the docs. The fast-vector-highlighter is pretty similar to the plain highlighter and tends to perform better on larger text fields.

You can certainly improve performance of highlighting but exactly how you do that depends on the query. You can also use highlight_query to send a different query to the highlighting infrastructure than you used to perform the search.

Ok.. I went through the documentation, and my data is already indexed in my poduction, so was wondering for an alternative..

How fast will be the fast vectore highlight, it is also said that the index size will almost double if we enable fast vector highlight.. Is it true?