Alternative to using filtered index alias

I'm trying to figure out possible solution to the following problem. In my current implementation I'm relying on so called filtered aliases where I can create a view of the same index for each user e.g.: POST /aliases { "actions": "add": { "index": "events", "alias": "events_123", "filter": { "match": { "user_id": "123" } } } }. All my write/read api calls are using aliases instead of the index name. Unfortunately, I cannot use filtered aliases anymore due to the recent changes related to introduction of index per day pattern managed by an external component. Is there a simple (or not so simple) way to provide my user_id filter as a parameter to a rest api call. For example, if I had a POST /events*/_search {...} request, would it be possible to add an alias like filter without the need to modify the search query itself?

The best way to do this is generally through document level security, although that is a commercial feature.

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