Amazon Beats

Hi all;
My first job at Samsung consisted of logging into all our AWS accounts (26 at the time) and searching all regions for EC2 instances that needed to be rebooted. Took me two days to go through them all. I hate that kind of stuff, so I downloaded the AWS SDK for .NET, and wrote a program that would work across accounts to gather instance data.
"Well," says I to me, "thats handy. Why stop there?" I started adding modules for other AWS services and collecting that data. I added an export to Excel, and search and sort capability. The project is published on Github, and I have a site "http:\" with links to it, and some screenshots.
So, why am I posting this here? I was lazy, and just wanted to ask if I could leverage the Beats framework to take the data I collect and feed it into the Elastic Stack? I fear the code is written in C#, so I doubt I could publish this as a real "beat" but I could probably adapt it to run as a service feeding into the beats framework.

You could export this to a non-binary format file, csv/json/text, and filebeat could read it easily.

Not sure if there is another way given the difference in languages.

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