Amazon like sub-categories navigation

Hello everyone,

I am going to use Elasticsearch in my next project - first time.
And this is my first question here - I hope it is proper place.

I need some keywords, which help me do the best Elasticsearch mapping to display results count in (sub)*categories, like this:


  • Notebooks (100)
  • Software (300)
  • Accessories (200)

If user click to Notebooks subcategory, in the next page see:


  • Lenowo (23)
  • Asus (34)
  • Acer(23)

etc. So number of subcategories deep of subtree can be different in each branch.
I am going to use the latest version Elasticsearch (now 2.0.0), so maby some informations in web are no acctual.
I found some topics here:

but still no sure how t store categories in more efficient way:
as path: /Computers/Notebooks/Acer
or as number/id or Parent-Child Relationship documents.

And of course index products with this categories to make search engine fast.

Please give me some advice.