An app that uses Kibana

Hi I want to build an application that uses kibana charts and I don't know how to do it can anyone please give me some insights on how to do that, the puprose of creating this application and not using kibana directly is for security reasons , the app would ask users to authenticate and then forward each user to the his customized dashboard depending on their roles

Are you trying to write an app from scratch that uses our code, or writing a kibana plugin? I'd suggest the latter, but you also might want to explore xpack security. With a reverse proxy you could use your authentication scheme in front of kibana, then authenticate as a read only user, and send the user to a dashboard embedded in an iframe.

Is your goal a read only dashboard for each user, or would they be able to edit it?

If you want to explore writing a plugin, there is a good blog with some basics here:

Thanks a lot this is really helpful x- pack is great, I also started developping a kibana plugin

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