An existing connection was forcibly closed on remote host


I have Elk setup of 3 nodes version 7.11.1.
It's a new setup and currently I am testing few beats and modules. I have a central server where logs are present and i am using heartbeat, metricbeat, filebeat for same.

Everything seems to work but for apache access log I am getting Error:

Failed to perform any bulk index operation Post "IP/ bulk: write tcp Source IP -> ES IP wsasend An Exisistng Connection forcibly closed by remote host.

Error screenshot:

Actual file size is 540 MB but I have taken few records and created new file around 500KB but still error persists.

I am able to run kafka modules and getting no error for same also didn't face issue on apache error log.

Have checked with firewall team and they say no blocking from their end.

Firewall screenshot:

Also there is no parallel indexing activity at present I am testing one by one.

Bryce Fernandes.

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