Analysis of search query VS hits? Identifying the missing terms?

I've got a match query I allow for a minimum match of "1<-1 6<-2" so the user can search for say: "dark souls 3" they'll get document results for "dark souls" or "dark souls 2". Is there any way via the ES response that I can capture what terms did not match? e.g. a hit of "dark souls" could express that "3" was not found?

Check out named queries

What I'm seeing that do is just tell me the name of the root boolean query (which is always present). I'm looking more for a breakdown of the analyzed search terms.

So you'll need to tokenize the query string in your client (you can use the _analyze api to do this) and formulate a bool query with named child clauses containing these tokens.
Ugly but the only way I can see of doing this.

I see! It does get ugly but I think my particular environment works. (I already was doing an _analyze as I needed a token count from the search string).

Interesting trivia (didn't hold me up) that I learned while implementing: In a Nested query, the child clauses albeit named were not returned.

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