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Hi ,

I am very new to elastic search and kibana. I am using elastic search to store my application analytics data which basically consist of all activities user is performing on our website. Below are few sample parameters that will be stored in elastic search for this activity -
{"username" : "test_user", "activity":"BUTTON_CLICKED","isActive":true,"deviceId":"device1","activityTime":"1494483677300"}

Here isActive field if true, specifies that user is logged in and performing some activity and if false specifies that user is logged in but not performing any action.
At one time user can be logged in from multiple devices. So I just want to plot this data using kibana. At one time I will perform search only for a user. So on X-axis I want to show the activities in every one hour interval, on Y-axis different device id. And then I want to show data points with a particular coloured if used is active else some other colour if user is not active. Can I achieve this using Kibana visualization

Please guide me through that

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I'm having a little trouble visualizing what you want to create. Is there some way you could upload a sketch of what you're trying to achieve? Thanks!

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Thanks for your response.

Please refer to attached graph created using kibana. Here on Y-axis I have taken count aggregation on number of activities. On X axis time is plotted, and chart is split based on device id/ browser id. And lastly series are split based on field isActive true or false. Here green color represents isActive as 'true' and blue represents isActive as 'false'. I want to show one series completely as green if that has atleast one active user activity count else blue. Since I am currently using series spilt function that's dividing it and I don't want that to happen.

Please help me in understanding how I can put this condition

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