Analytics on self-hosted instance


How can I start using Analytics with self-hosted App Search instance (the tab has no data, everything is 0)? I am performing search requests using php client with private-key. Do I need to add something to my requests?

Hi @p_ban :wave:

Are you seeing requests on the API Logs page? If not, my guess is that you aren't running the Filebeat process.

There are no results on API Logs. I have configure my instance following the documentation (Run App Search as a Systemd Service). The service I have created is running. Can I check if it is running in any other way?

So you have followed these docs and set up the 3 child services (app server, worker and filebeat)?

Yes, starting the service with
sudo systemctl start app-search

I have noticed that Filebeat service version is 7.1.0. App-Search and Elasticsearch both use 7.3.1. Could that be the problem?

I also had the same problem with version AppSearch 7.4.2


Current, i'm using last version ELK + AppSearch : 7.4.2
=> appsearch get the error : There are no results on API Logs.

So, I'm only downgrade AppSearch 7.4.2 => 7.4.0 => working


Thank you for the tip. Will try that in my cluster.

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