Analyze and extract from url?

Hi I am thinking of analyzing the urls and need to extract some information. For example, for below url,

Is there way i can do? like what methods i should use?

For the first example, use a grok filter. For the second example, use a grok filter to extract the part after "/search?", then use the kv filter to parse the list of key/value pairs. The resulting k field will need to be passed through a urldecode filter, but that filter won't turn the plus sign into space so I believe you need a final mutate filter with a gsub option that fixes that. Actually, you should probably put that filter before the urldecode filter.

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Tks. For the 1st one, i have below config:
if [url] =~ "./.*.com/id/.*"{
match => { "url" => ".
.com/id/%{NUMBER: image_id}" }

I use conditional since this is only one format of the url. I have syntax error but i am not sure how to correct. Would you mind give some tip? Thanks!!

Well, you're never closing the conditional (i.e. there's a } missing at the end) but otherwise it should work.

You should use \.com instead of .com in the expression.