Analyze field for context suggester


Is there a way to analyze a field that is passed to the context suggester?
If, say, I have this in my mapping:

mappings: {
    myitem: {
        title: {type: 'string'},
        content: {type: 'string'},
        user: {type: 'string', index: 'not_analyzed'},
        suggest_field: {
            type: 'completion',
            payloads: false,
            context: {
                user: {
                    type: 'category',
                    path: 'user'

and I index this doc:
POST /myindex/myitem/1
title: "The Post Title"
content: ...
user: 123
suggest_field: {
input: "The Post Title",
context: {
user: 123

I would like to analyze the input first, split it into separate words, run
it through lowercase and stop words filters so that the context suggester
actually gets
suggest_field: {
input: ["post", "title"],
context: {
user: 123,
entity: 'posts'

I know I can pass an array into the suggest field but I would like to
avoid lowercasing the text, splitting it, running the stop words filter in
my application, before passing to ES. If possible, I would rather ES do
this for me. I did try adding an index_analyzer to the field mapping but
that didn't seem to achieve anything.

OR, is there another way to get autocomplete suggestions for words?


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