Analyzer defined in index settings doesn't apply to fields


I created a new index with the following settings:

    "settings": {

    "analysis": {

      "filter": {

        "persian_stop": {

          "type": "stop",

          "stopwords": "_persian_"



      "char_filter": {

        "zero_width_spaces": {

          "type": "mapping",

          "mappings": [

            "\\u200C=> "




      "analyzer": "persian",

      "persian": {

        "tokenizer": "standard"

after inserting a document let's say of type "video".
The analyzer setting is not applied to fields of this type thus the queries do not return the desired result.
Do I need to define an analyzer for every type's fields or setting an analyzer in my index setting suffice?

Thank you in advance for your assistance

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