Analyzer Hybrid ES 1.4.4


we use ES 1.4.4 and at the moment use the standard analyzer to convert a string into a series of tokens by seperating the words at special characters/punctuation- or no analyzer to search for exact matches.

We now need a hybrid of the standard analyzer and to search for exact matches.
As an an example: Field = Hostname.
In this field a string 'vpn-muc' can be stored. On the one hand the tokens 'vpn' and 'muc' must be formed and be searchable - on the other hand the search for the whole string/exact match 'vpn-muc' must be searchable too.
How to implement this requirement most skillfully?

thx most likely.

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thx :slight_smile:

okay, i define the fields as multi_fields and then use multi-match-querys with the most_fields type. This can be a good way.