Analyzer tokenizer in search mode

Hi, i have i my project i need to set an analyzer-filter-tokenizer based on the language choose by the user, before executing query.

So i need to set this parameters in real time and only when a search is done, but i don't wan't to set all the available analysis on my index.

i want do this search:

query : match : title : "I want a new job", analyzer : "my_analyzer", filter : "my_filter", tokenizer : "my_tokenizer"

I can do this? or exists some features for do this?

You would need to define one analyzer for every language you support in the index settings, and then pick the right analyzer name in the match query.

Can i set a generic analyzer for all my index, without insert all my analyzer into a single index?

What you can do is to configure an index template so that analyzers will be created automatically at index creation time.

i see this and i don't like it...but i think i have no other solutions.

Thank for help me!