Analyzing High Elastic Search Response time

We have a setup of 2 index nodes. We have 3 indexes in the cluster with 1 shard each per index.
The size of the index is around 11GB and we have around 86k documents in the index.
Issue is that our search requests are taking very huge time (sometime more than 10 mins) to return the results.

What i am looking for is a way to get a breakdown of the time that is spent in the search request processing. Is there a way in ES by which we can get the time taken at each phase of the search request

Have you seen the search profiler that was introduced as part of X-Pack 5.5?

That seems to be really informative. However, we are on ElasticSearch 2.4 and I should have mentioned in my post. Do we have any such option for ES 2.4 ?


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