[ANN] Elasticsearch Juju charm

(Jorge Castro) #1

Hello everyone,

We (Ubuntu) have been working on a Juju1 charm for Elasticsearch so that
our users can deploy ES easily on as many clouds as possible.

We use ansible to install the latest packages from the upstream repository,
though the charm has an option of changing that for those of you that
maintain your own internal mirrors of the packages. With this charm it's
possible to stand up ES clusters on just about any cloud where Ubuntu runs. This
is the 2nd iteration of our charm and we're using it in production, so
we're keen on getting more eyeballs on it. The basic goal is to enable
every Ubuntu user (and eventually Windows and CentOS) to easily deploy ES
clusters out of the box in 14.04 (and in 12.04 after that as well).

I was hoping we could get some community folks to give our code a peer
review, perhaps point out places where we could improve, and to ensure that
we're following upstream best practices.

Any help/guidance would be appreciated!

Jorge Castro

PS: On a related note we do have charms for Kibana and Logstash as well:

And I am also currently working on what we call a "bundle", which is a set
of charms bundled together if anyone is interested in checking it out, the
idea is for people to be able to drag and drop bundles for deployment:

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