[ANN] Elasticsearch Mapper Attachment plugin 2.3.1 released

We are pleased to announce the release of the Elasticsearch Mapper Attachment plugin, version 2.3.1

The mapper attachments plugin adds the attachment type to Elasticsearch using Apache Tika..
Release Notes - Version 2.3.1

Earlier today there was an Apache POI release to address a security vulnerability. For some document types, the attachment mapper plugin will indirectly use POI. This attachment mapper plugin release forces an update to Apache POI and is a response to the POI issue. Previously, the attachment mapper did not have an explicit dependency on POI. With this release, we have added a direct dependency and set it to the recent versions of POI. This will help users of the attachment mapper, who might be unaware of these vulnerabilities, avoid them.

You can read more about the reported issues in CVE-2014-3529 and CVE-2014-3574

We encourage anyone using the attachment mapper plugin with untrusted documents to update the plugin.

[80] - Update a few dependencies

[79] - Docs: make the welcome page more obvious
Issues, Pull requests, Feature requests are warmly welcome on elasticsearch-mapper-attachments project repository!

For questions or comments around this plugin, feel free to use elasticsearch mailing list!


  • The Elasticsearch team

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