[Ann] ElasticSearch WebSocket transport plugin


I just hacked together a plugin for implementing a WebSockets transport
layer for ElasticSearch.

WebSockets are full-duplex communication channels based on TCP, see
http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6455. Utilizing WebSockets can enable a new
class of scalable and distributed real-time client apps for ElasticSearch.
For example I implemented a publish/subscribe app that can index and
forward messages organized by topics from one client to many other by using
Netty WebSocket channels between ElasticSearch nodes. But also streaming
clients are possible, such as clients for receiving change streams from
ElasticSearch indexes.

Docs are sparse right now, since I'm currently starting to work on it in my
spare time.

If you want to take a preview, it's available under

I will announce ready-to-use zip packages as soon as possible.