[Ann] Elasticsearch Windows MSI Installer updated to EA 0.90.8


i'd like to announce a update of the Windows MSI Installer for
Elasticsearch which now installs EA 0.90.8 (with Oracle JRE 7 Update 45)

It can be found here:

What is Windows MSI Installer for Elasticsearch?

Create your own Elasticsearch MSI installer with a customized ES config
that fit your needs.
Or simply download the standard preconfigured installer that comes
configured with:

  • 2G Heapsize
  • analysis-phonetic Plugin preinstalled
  • mapper-attachments Plugin preinstalled
  • dynamic scripting turned off (for more security)
  • "embedded" Java Runtime (Java 7 Update 45 x64 Server JRE)
  • Windows "elasticsearch" service will be automatically started by the
    installer and after OS boots
  • Uninstalling is supported

Runs on x64 Win 7/Server 2008*/Win 2012

Its implemented as a set of non-interactive cmd and Powershell 2 scripts to
build (on top of WIX Toolset) a MSI installer for installing Elasticsearch
as a windows service.
The scripts will fetch Elasticsearch and Java Server JRE (and WIX Toolset)
directly from the internet and then they create a MSI installer with an
embedded JRE.

I hope it is useful for all of you who have to deal with EA and Windows.

Suggestions, corrections, improvements are very welcome!
Thanks and best regards

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