[ANN] es-nozzle 0.3.0 - elasticsearch document ingestion

Hi all,

on behalf of brainbot technologies AG I'm proud to release es-nozzle
0.3.0 as open source today. This is the first public release.

es-nozzle is a scalable open source framework for connecting source
content repositories like file systems or mail servers to
ElasticSearch clusters.

The framework supports source-repository security policies in
ElasticsSearch and therefore enables users to create open source
Enterprise Search solutions based on es-nozzle and ElasticSearch.

The architecture allows for scalable and fault tolerant
synchronization setups that complement the scalability of
ElasticSearch clusters.

Professional development and production support is available through
brainbot technologies AG, a company specialized in search solutions
which created the framework.



prebuilt distribution:

source code:

http://brainbot.com / es-nozzle@brainbot.com
(or use the elasticsearch mailing list)

We're excited to get feedback about this release, so please give it a
shot and let us know about your experience.

Ralf Schmitt

{ Sorry, if this is being posted twice. I tried to send this
announcement from another address and it looks like it's not being
sent to the group }

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