[ANN] Knapsack import/export plugin for Elasticsearch 1.3.2


a new version of the Knapsack plugin was just released.


  • new: support for Elasticsearch 1.3.2
  • new: all knapsack actions are reimplemented as Java API transport actions
  • new: Elasticsearch bulk format support
  • new: byte progress watcher, splitting into more than one archive file by
    byte size possible
  • new: push action for copying indices from one cluster to another
  • new: pull action for fetching indices from a remote cluster
  • new: index aliases recorded in archive file
  • removed S3 support - use ES snapshot/restore for this
  • added numerous junit tests
  • archive codec API
  • switch to bzip2 implementation of https://code.google.com/p/jbzip2/
  • switch to JDK ZIP archive implementation
  • cleaned up tar implementation
  • state action overhaul
  • abort action overhaul



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