[ANN] spring-elasticsearch 0.3.0 release


I am pleased to announce the spring-elasticsearch-0.3.0 release!

Spring factories for Elasticsearch

Changes in this version include:

New features:
o Allow async initialization of Node and Client. Issue: https://github.com/dadoonet/spring-elasticsearch/issues/29. Thanks to Nicolas Labrot.

Fixed Bugs:
o Add _update_settings.json feature to allow proper index update. Issue: https://github.com/dadoonet/spring-elasticsearch/issues/31. Thanks to Paul Avinash.

o Don't throw exception when we read a file in classpath but return null. Issue: https://github.com/dadoonet/spring-elasticsearch/issues/34. Thanks to Matt Friedman Afilias.
o Update to Elasticsearch 0.90.7. Issue: https://github.com/dadoonet/spring-elasticsearch/issues/35.

Note that it could be the last version of this project as I'm planning to contribute this source code to spring-data-elasticsearch project if it makes sense to authors.
Stay tuned!

See documentation at: https://github.com/dadoonet/spring-elasticsearch/

Have fun!

David Pilato | Technical Advocate | Elasticsearch.com
@dadoonet | @elasticsearchfr

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